Having the Conversation – Opening God’s Word

2 Basic kinds of Governments in Bible:

  • Those that knew they were under God
  • Those that thought they were God

References: Daniel 4:35; Mark 12:17; Romans 13:1,4; Philippians 1:1, 3:20

How to keep it in proper perspective:

  • You are a dual citizen
  • Know who is REALLY King
    • Leaders are worthy of our honor, but they are never worthy of our hope. Our hope is in Jesus.
  • The Church should be a prophetic voice in our culture
    • We can’t be prophetic if we are too much like the culture.
    • We won’t be prophetic if we lock arms too tightly with any political party or somebody’s opinion

Our Faith is Personal but it is not private, we need to engage in the marker place

Video – “Tony Evans Christians and Politics (Under God, Indivisible)”

References: Jeremiah 29:7; 2 Chronicles 7:14;

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