Evangel Chapel Clinton Campus

Our Story:

25 years ago

Evangel chapel in Bridgewater, NJ wanted to help make a difference in the lives of people in Hunterdon County so in 1986 they sent some people and a pastor to start a church in Clinton.  Over the years lives were changed and healthy church, Clinton Assembly of God, emerged.

Knocked down

About 10 years ago things started to go the wrong direction in the life of our church family.  At some point we started to serve ourselves instead of Jesus, and instead of fighting to bring change to other people, we were fighting against each other.  As a church we took one too many punches and had no counter attack.  Instead of making a difference we were on the brink of defeat.  People pointed fingers and people left.

Call it a comeback

5 years ago that same church, Evangel Chapel, which helped give us strength to begin, came to our rescue to get us back on our feet.  And we are only looking and moving forward and not going to get stuck in our past.  The story isn’t being rewritten but the storyline is definitely taking a different turn.

Your story

Many of the people that are part of our family now have a similar story.  Theirs’ is a comeback story and the difference maker is Jesus.  If you need your life to turn in a new direction or you want to help others make a comeback, we invite you to join our story.


Worship Times

Contemporary Worship Service

Sundays: 10:30am

Bible Study

Sundays: 9:15am in the Sanctuary

Wednesdays: 7:30pm in the Sanctuary

Talmiyd Youth Group

Fridays: 7:30-9pm (Ages 12-19)